About Brandon

For the past ten years I’ve helped founders grow companies in alignment and authenticity. After leading marketing teams at startups in San Francisco (both acquired) I now work as a consultant and freelancer for new(ish) companies to grow through Content, PR, SEO, and Web-based marketing.


My PR work has appeared in:


What clients are saying:


“Brandon is a critical thinker who knows how to get to the root of a problem and put in the hard work to find the perfect solution. He doesn’t shy away from asking hard questions that lead you to better understand your business, and more importantly, potential customers.” – Chris Kelly, Director of Marketing for Uncollege


“Brandon helped me grow my online presence and with a new website and a top ranking on Google. He has helped grow my business over 60% with a step-by-step plan for my website and growth strategy.” – Kim Sin, Founder of Kim Sin Yoga


“Brandon provided clarity to help me understand how to grow my business without spreading myself too thin as my brain runs off in a dozen different directions. Our calls were therapeutic in a sense. I came in at times anxious and confused and left calmer, with renewed energy and focus.” – Dylan Magaster, Youtube Filmmaker


See more work at www.crokeconsulting.us or my Linked In.