Meet Brandon

Brandon is a freelance growth marketer who specializes in growing education, wellness and technology companies. For the past decade he’s worked with startups and small businesses, from successfully acquired startups in Silicon Valley, to companies in his home state of Ohio. As the principle of Croke Consulting, he works side-by-side with founders leading both marketing strategy and execution to grow their business to the next level.

When he’s not optimizing websites and advertising campaigns, Brandon is practicing jiujitsu or yoga, which surprisingly bring countless insights to the world of modern marketing. While he doesn’t like to be called a Digital Nomad, he has worked and lived in 7 countries and 20 cities the past two years.


His work has appeared in:


What clients are saying:

“Brandon transformed my business with my new website and helping me get a top SEO rank on Google. What started as a part-time office yoga business, has turned into a leading corporate wellness service which places yoga teachers at dozens of leading technology companies in San Francisco.” – Kim Sin, Founder of Kim Sin Office Yoga


“Brandon is a critical thinker who knows how to get to the root of a problem and put in the hard work to find the perfect solution. He doesn’t shy away from asking hard questions that lead you to better understand your business, and more importantly, potential customers.” – Chris Kelly, Director of Marketing for Uncollege


“Brandon provided clarity to help me understand how to grow my business without spreading myself too thin. As a solo business owner our calls were therapeuti, I came in anxious or confused and left calmer, with renewed energy and focus.” – Dylan Magaster, Youtube Filmmaker

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