The Weight of Cant’s

I had a friend from back in Ohio who was so sick he could barley get out of bed. The doctors he visited couldn’t figure out what exactly was wrong with him, but all signs pointed to some sort of auto-immune disease.

He tried every traditional and non-traditional medical approach they could find and no luck. He couldn’t even get out of bed most days.

So after years of carrying this bourdon a psychologist had the nerve to ask him,  “what would you like to do if you were not sick, and could get out of bed?”

My friend may have despised the question at first.

How could he begin to burden himself with thoughts of what I would do if I was healthy, when his medical condition clearly showed he was incapable of doing much of anything else.

But my friend persisted. He said he would marry his girlfriend if he wasn’t sick and walk down the isle. He would write new songs and record an album.

As he began to open up to his dreams of what he would do, he began to detach himself from identifying that he is sick and sickness will be a permanent state of his being.

This mental shift, along with various diet, lifestyle and nutritional strategies helped get him out of bed and eventually back into a full life.

He married the woman of his dreams. They live in a beautiful apartment. And he’s working on that album sharing songs about his journey.

Now here’s a little meditation for you.

We all are burdened with dozens of things we must tend to everyday, that we often forget to dream about what we really want to do. If you’re willing to give yourself this moment, I guarantee you will be more likely to make steps towards achieving whatever you want in life.

Sit back in your chair, your feet comfortably planted on the ground, back straight and your eyes closed.

Set a timer for 1 minute to clear your head of any to-do’s or things on your mind.

If any thoughts do come to mind, simply acknowledge them and let the thoughts go without any judgement or emotional reaction.

Great, now imagine you don’t have to work, your bills are taken care of, you have no obligations, no logistical hurdles and you have a bit extra cash to spend, but not go too crazy with.

What would you do today?

Meditate on that for a moment, then take time to write down what you would like to do.

Now you don’t have to get up and quit your job and start doing these things, but this may bring you some clarity on what you would like to fit more of into your current lifestyle.

Once we can get out from underneath this weight of can’ts, we are much more likely to uncover the infinitely creative and capable being you are.

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