Why Do Straight A Students Have Lives Full of C’s?

In school conforming gets you an A.

In life, conforming gets you lots of C’s.

How could that be?

Let me explain…

In school you receive A’s for doing exactly what the teacher says. You’re rewarded for fitting in, following directions and not making a ruckus in class. Do these things and you’ll receive an A.

Unfortunately lots of students settle for C jobs.

Follow directions, do whatever your boss says, and you’ll live a life full of C’s. C stands for things like cubiclecog, and complacency.

It’s easy to settle for C’s in real life. It’s the equivalent to A you used to receive in school. People stay in “C” jobs they hate, long after they’ve outgrown the opportunity.

“I should be happy I even have a job”, is something I often hear from discouraged employees.

True you should always be grateful, but being grateful should never be an excuse for staying in a job that’s not bringing out the best in you.

Most people don’t believe there are better opportunities out there. In reality there are endless opportunities out there in the world.

You just have to hustle to get there.

Your dream job is available right now, what are you doing to stand out from everyone else?

What kind of relationships are you forming? How are you adding value to the world?

In school you aren’t rewarded for having the most friends, asking tough questions of the teacher, or making everyone laugh in class. These things are actually punished, yet they may be some of the most important skills in life.

It’s a new game with a new set of rules folks.

If you are in a C job, please know that you don’t have to settle.

But, if you want an A level job you will have to hustle.

What have you done lately to get one step closer to your dream job?

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